Vanilla Matcha Green Tea Powder, 3.53oz/100g


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    • Made with pure Matcha Green Tea and Madagascar Vanilla
    • Packed at Source in India

    Product Description

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    What's Inside?

    Vanilla Extracts

    Japanese Matcha Green Tea

    Steeping Instructions

    Use 200ml water


    Mix 2g Matcha powder


    Stir well, add desired condiment


    Top off with plain milk/nut milk


    Can be served hot and iced

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    Globally Acclaimed: Spotlight For 2023

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Matcha Green Tea?

    Matcha' is a fine powdered form of Japanese green tea which is produced using traditional Japanese methods. Special, shade-grown 'Tencha' leaves are harvested and stone-ground to make a fine powdered form of green tea, which has a unique delectable flavor and a vibrant green color.

    Where is this Matcha sourced from?

    Vahdam Teas sources its Matcha Tea from esteemed plantations based in the cities of Honyama and Kawane, located in the Shizuoka prefecture. Shizuoka is the largest producer of Green Tea in Japan. This picturesque area produces 39,000- 40,000 tons of green tea annually. Shizuoka The picturesque Shizuoka prefecture lies alongside the Pacific coast, is blessed with rich fertile volcanic soil, and has the apt mild and temperate climate. All of these parameters coupled with the favorable monsoons make the Shizuoka prefecture an apt bed for cultivating and harvesting this unique, shade-grown green tea.


    Yes! It was certified by Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Plant Protection Service Ministry Of Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries Japanese Government in June 2020.

    What is the best way to make Vanilla Matcha?

    For a perfect cup of Matcha Green Tea, heat 200 ml of fresh water to 80-90 degrees Celsius. In a cup, add 2 grams of Matcha green tea, add a bit of the hot water and stir it to make a fine paste. Now add in the remaining hot water and keep whisking/stirring to blend it properly. You can find detailed recipes for both Hot and Iced Matcha Teas here.

    Can you drink Matcha every day?

    Yes, you can drink Matcha every single day.

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    Vanilla Matcha Green Tea Powder, 3.53oz/100g

    Vanilla Matcha Green Tea Powder, 3.53oz/100g