Our Values
Our Values
Sustainability is always on our mind
No business without accountability, without responsibility - That's the Vahdam belief. We put our people and our planet first, all ways and always. That is why, we are a CERTIFIED CLIMATE NEUTRAL and CERTIFIED PLASTIC NEUTRAL brand.
Climate Change is Real and it’s here. It affects us all and it’s time we all become a part of the solution.
Climate Change is Real and it’s here. It affects us all and it’s time we all become a part of the solution.
Climate Neutral
At Vahdam, our innovative supply chain sources teas directly from the farming estates and is devoid of unnecessary middlemen. This helps in considerably minimizing our carbon footprint. However, we are also cognizant that we build a substantial footprint in getting the product from the gardens to your table, vis-à-vis our delivery operations and other stakeholders. We understand & acknowledge the responsibility to offset the carbon footprint that we leave on our planet.
How Are We Climate Neutral?
We measure our overall carbon footprint from the farms to the table
We offset our footprint through investments in pro-environment initiatives
We support global efforts of mitigating climate change through carbon offset projects
We are certified as a Climate Neutral brand by the International Non-Profit organization, Climate Neutral.
Plastic Neutral
At Vahdam, upholding product quality & food safety are sacrosanct and have a positive impact on our farmers and stakeholders in the long run. Retaining the garden-freshness and premium flavors of every single product is essential to our business. Hence, that entails us to use plastic in our packaging. While we endeavor to effectively reduce our plastic footprint by employing the use of biodegradable forms of packaging; we also acknowledge our responsibility to ethically recycle the plastic that we dump on this planet.
How Are We Plastic Neutral?
We map & quantify our overall plastic footprint in our packaging
We fund the ethical removal & recycling of an equivalent amount of plastic from oceans and landfills
Strive to effectively reduce our plastic footprint without compromising product quality and safety
Vahdam has been certified Plastic Neutral by RePurpose, an independent Non-Profit Organization based in the US
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