Turmeric Classic Latte, Golden Milk Powder, 3.53oz/100g


40 Servings

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    • Made with Turmeric Golden Milk Powder and Black Pepper
    • 100% real ingredients
    • Packed at Source in India

    What's Inside?



    Black Pepper

    Globally Acclaimed: Our Most-loved Products in Spotlight For 2023

    Globally Acclaimed: Spotlight For 2023

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does it contain sugar/stevia?

    Our Turmeric Classic Latte contains stevia which is a low-calorie natural sweetener.

    Is this product gluten-free?

    Yes, This product contains ingredients that are naturally gluten-free.

    Does it contain milk?

    No, this latte mix does not contain milk. You can consume it with water or milk (coconut/nut/oat milk) of your choice. We do recommend reading the ingredient list before purchasing any product.

    Does it contain caffeine?

    No. Our Turmeric Classic Latte is caffeine-free.

    How much powder should I add to one glass of latte?

    You can add 1 tablespoon or 2.5g of powder to brew one cup. Simple steps to brew a cup of latte are: Boil 7 oz / 200 ml water. Add 2.5 g of latte mix and stir well. Pour over the hot milk of your choice and sweetener (sugar or honey), whisk, and enjoy hot. For iced, refrigerate for 3-4 hours. Add ice cubes and serve chilled

    Is this latte mix easy to dissolve? Do I need a frother?

    Yes, it is easy to mix. For better consistency , you may use frother.

    Can I use this latte mix in my food?

    Yes! You can add Turmeric Classic Latte Golden Milk Powder to your smoothies, granola bowls, salad dressing, puddings, cookies, and many other dishes.

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    Turmeric Classic Latte, Golden Milk Powder, 3.53oz/100g

    Turmeric Classic Latte, Golden Milk Powder, 3.53oz/100g