Peach Ginger Instant Iced Tea, 5.29oz/150g

150g | 60 servings


Inclusive of all taxes

    • Instantly cold water soluble
    • Less than 10 calories per serving
    • Fortified with vitamin C
    • Made with Green Tea: The majority of products in the market are made up of Black   Tea but we have intentionally chosen Green Tea as a base because it is perceived  healthier than other teas
    •  Contains organic sweeteners
    •  Contains less than 1 gms of added sugar per serving
    •  No artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors
    •  Zero chemicals and additives and fillers
    •  100% natural ingredients

    Product Description

    With the goodness of peach, lemon & ginger, this iced tea is all about making you feel energized along with ample health benefits. This medium body liquor has a pale yellow color and starts with the floral and sweet notes of peach follow. . .

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    Time of Day
    Rich in vitamin C

    Make the Perfect Cup

    Add 1 scoop (2.5 gm.) in a glass

    Pour 200 ml./7 oz. cold water with ice

    Stir well & enjoy!

    Ingredients for getting after it.


    Improves skin health

    Green Tea

    Helps in weight management, Rich in Anti - Oxidants, Improves Cognitive Function


    Helps in improving digestion, Known for Anti inflammatory Properties, Helps to regulated Blood Sugar Levels


    Reduces risk of diabetes, Aids weight control, Reduces blood pressure

    • “Tea entrepreneur brews a revolution in Indian export market”

    • “VAHDAM Teas is massively disrupting the supply chain."

    • 50,000+ Reviews

    • "VAHDAM gets shipped to over 100 countries and raised $17 million."

    • “Turmeric is not a trend or a fad. It's a magic spice, truly."

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the shelf-life of the products?

    All our teas have a shelf-life of 3 years from the Date of Picking/Harvest. Both the 'Date of Picking' and the 'Date of Expiry' are mentioned on the bottom of all our boxes.

    Where is this tea sourced from?

    We source our teas from over 150 renowned plantations and small individual farms in India, from regions like Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri, Kangra, and Sikkim.

    How and where are the ingredients sourced from?

    All our premium blends are made of a variety of garden-fresh, superior quality ingredients sourced from India. We procure all our teas, herbs, spices, and botanicals in their respective prime-harvest seasons, which differ according to the plantation, place of origin, season etc. Procuring these ingredients during their prime harvest periods means that we get the best quality which have an enhanced flavor, character, and freshness.

    What is the best time to consume it?

    You can have it anytime; pre-workout / post-workout, after a long day at the office, post a heavy lunch, right when you see the sun, just before you call it a day.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Mohammed Alabdrab Alnabi
    Great selection of teas

    The best selection of teas & accessories, and the fastest shipping.

    Mary Hughes
    Five star review

    Love the flavour!

    christos salikas
    Absolutely loved it!!!

    Pure quality like the rest of your products and also the highest level of customer service - support...!!! Thank you

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    Peach Ginger Instant Iced Tea, 5.29oz/150g

    Peach Ginger Instant Iced Tea, 5.29oz/150g