Ayurvedic Rose Herbal Green Tea, 3.53oz/100g

40+ Cups

An amazing array of goodness - Green tea with with ageless ayurvedic herbs and spices enveloped in soothing perfume of rose
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    About the Tea
    Sourced by VAHDAM India directly from the tea estate, cleaned & vacuum sealed at source in India and shipped directly to our fulfillment centers in the US. Teas, as fresh as in the gardens.
    Low Caffeine
    Vacuum Sealed
    Certifications -

    Ingredients for getting after it.

    Arjuna Bark

    Manages heart function,Aids blood sugar control, High in anti-oxidants


    Good source of Anti Oxidants, Helps in improving bad breath, Helps in improving digestion

    Indian Pennyworth

    Relieves anxiety, Improves cognition, Boosts cognitive function


    Rich source of Anti - Oxidants, Lowers blood sugar, Known for Anti - Inflammatory properties


    Helps in blood circulation and relieves stress, Fights inflammation, Aids in good digestion


    Helps to lower cholesterol levels, Soothes gastric and abdomen troubles, Helps with skin inflammation


    Rich in nutrients like Vitamin A, Iron, Manganese, Folate Helps improve digestion and Improves Oral Health

    Indian Valerian

    Helps reduce anxiety, Treats insomnia/sleep disorders

    Bay Leaf

    Rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, Improves Digestion, Has anti-inflammatory properties

    Tasting Notes
    Appearance - A visual delight - cardamom and cloves, lemon and licorice, and many more herbs and spices in a bed of green tea
    Aroma - Wafty notes of young rose petals amidst vegetal sweetness of green tea and edges of earthiness
    Taste - A light and golden green cup with prominent mouthfeel of herbaceous sweetness and complex layers of Ayurvedic herbs and spices that are enveloped in a rosy undertone that lingers even after you have finished
    Steeping Instructions

    Temperature 85-90 C / 194-212 F


    90-100 C/ 194-212 F


    Leaves 2g


    Steeping 5 minutes


    Condiments Add sugar or honey as per taste


    To be served without milk.


    Best Consumed - Hot

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the shelf life of products?

    All Vahdam Teas have a shelf-life of 3 years from the Date of Picking/Harvest. The 'Date of Expiry' are mentioned on the bottom of all our boxes.

    Where are your Teas from?

    We source our teas from over 150 renowned plantations and small individual farms in India. Within the country, we procure from 5 popular tea-producing regions, namely: Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri, Kangra, and Sikkim.

    How are the Teas packaged?

    After sourcing our teas directly from plantations within hours of harvest, we bring them to our state-of-the-art tea facility in New Delhi, India. The teas then go through rigorous rounds of cleaning, sorting, quality testing to remove any impurities/dust/foreign particles. Post 10+ quality checkpoints for leaf size, aroma, liquor, flavors etc. these are vacuum-packaged in opaque aluminum-lined bags using sophisticated machinery. These vacuum-bags are then stored in a dehumidified, temperature-controlled warehouse which ensures that the teas remain garden-fresh and maintain their character. Further, required quantities are packed in smaller vacuum-sealed packs which are boxed in the retail boxes and then sent over to our own delivery centers located in various parts of the world.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Ayurvedic Rose Tea it amazingly smooth and calming!!!

    Love this tea, its one of my favorites that I have tried so far.

    Nancy S.
    Ayurvedic Rose Herbal Green Tea

    I'm not fond of green teas that are bitter or vegetative and am always looking for alternatives. This one is fantastic! Flavorful, yet a mellow taste. Personally I also love the touch of floral that the rose contributes. Calming.

    Great surprise!

    I bought it because of the "rose"mentioned on the packet. It does taste lightly like rose, but don't expect a rose flavor. The blend is just very nice, with taste of flowers and fresh herbs, a hint of spices. It drink it in the evening.

    Ayrvedic Rose Green Tea

    Not sure what exactly is Ayrvedic about it but great tea

    Order never arrived

    I never get my order and I haven't received my refund

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    Ayurvedic Rose Herbal Green Tea, 3.53oz/100g

    Ayurvedic Rose Herbal Green Tea, 3.53oz/100g