As the clouds circled in close in the sky, teacups were embraced closer for comfort. We bring you top 10 Instagram posts which capture the season’s mood… and tea.

Dear July,

You brought us great joy with the best of summer harvests to add the much-needed sunshine as the skies turned grey. While the rains brought a chill in the air, tea kept us warm. We’d like to share with you some precious moments that we hope will add a silver lining to the grey clouds of your skies.

1. Just a bit of June, to lead us into the good July life


2. Nothing like some quality time with yourself


Feeling tea ☕☕☕ #teainrainydays

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3. A little style goes well with masala chai tea


#rain #tea #rainandtea #volkswagen #nature #mothernature #raindrops #reflection

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4. It’s always a good time for green tea!


5. Post rain bliss in Tanzania!


6. Tea makes the grey skies better too…


A sip make u miss something which u think were yours....A sip!!! #tea #teatotaler #teacup #patio

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7. Those who venture, get wet!


8. A cup of tea to watch the dust wash away…


#raintea... 💜💜💜 #pinkumbrella

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9. A cup of happy to face the thunder!


#pluviophile #mycupoftea #rainandtea #happyplace

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10. All the reasons to snuggle up!



We really hope you like our Instagram picks as much as we do. If you would like to be featured on the list or if you would like to recommend someone to be featured on our list then please leave a comment below.

And now, I’m going to back to savour a cup of bliss. Keep clicking!

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