Turmeric Mushroom Latte, Golden Milk Powder, 3.53oz/100g

40 Cups

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    • USDA Organic Tuemric Golden Milk Powder activated with Reishi Mushroom
    • Traditional, time-honored Ayurvedic Golden Milk recipe.
    • Contains zero-calorie natural sweetener Stevia
    • Mix in with milk / nut milk / smoothies / oatmeal
    • Ingredient Benefits : Turmeric, Stevia,Reishi Mushroom, Black Pepper -
      -Curcumin present in turmeric in the management of oxidative and inflammatory conditions.
      -Reishi Mushroom helps alleviate anxiety, manage stress, promotes calm, and improves focus.

    Product Description

    A wholesome latte mix with the superfood benefits of Turmeric and the calming, healing properties of Reishi mushroom. The earthy bitterness of Turmeric and mushroom are neutralized and rounded-off by the sweet notes of Stevia and the rich cr. . .

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    Time of Day

    Make the Perfect Cup

    Boil 7Oz / 200ml water

    Add 1 Tbsp (2.5 gm) of latte mix and stir well

    For iced, refrigerate for 3-4 hours. Add ice cubes

    Add milk, any sweetener of your choice, or oatmeal

    Ingredients for getting after it.


    Known for Anti - Inflammatory Properties, Powerful Anti-Oxidant and Lowers risk of Heart Disease

    Vanilla Extracts

    Helps in reducing stress ,Helps to lower cholesterol and Good source of Anti Oxidants


    Boosts immunity, Known to fight fatigue and depression, Has anti-oxidant properties


    Reduces risk of diabetes, Aids weight control, Reduces blood pressure

    Black Pepper

    Aids digestion and detoxifies the body, Helpful in treating skin problems, Rich in Vitamin B

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    • “Turmeric is not a trend or a fad. It's a magic spice, truly."

    Customer Reviews

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    Taste is good, dissolves easily

    I have long known that I should be consuming more turmeric; as a cancer survivor who is doing all that I know to keep it GONE, drinking Golden Milk is a no brainer. But as much as I like curry, I just don't like turmeric. Since I have enjoyed a couple of Vahdam teas and have been quite impressed with both the quality and the company itself, I decided to give this a try. I'm glad that I have. It's quite good, mixes easily, and doesn't leave a harsh turmeric aftertaste. Having the added benefit of reishi is even better. Thank you, Vahdam, for another quality product. I will definitely include this as a regular component of my health arsenal.

    It Works!

    Best tea for stomach issues and inflammation. I have been drinking this tea am and pm and has helped my digestion issues that I have struggled with for many years. Helps with any inflammation, immune system and over all health. I had a sore throat I drank the tea right away and sore throat disappeared.
    I just ordered one with the mushrooms in it for stress and anxiety. They have 5 other flavors. Highly recommend it


    Best in the business. Serves the purpose.
    Smells amazing when you open the container. Very easy to add to hot liquids, I use it in my coffee. It seems to help a lot with the pain in my knees.

    A beautiful and healthy drink

    I had never tried this tea/drink until now. Its such a great drink. I have it before bed, its so healthy, and so tasty and flavorful, and it gives me the best dreams!!!

    No complaints at all. 1st class

    Lovely drink and it arrived so quickly,safely and well packed

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    Turmeric Mushroom Latte, Golden Milk Powder, 3.53oz/100g

    Turmeric Mushroom Latte, Golden Milk Powder, 3.53oz/100g