The Story Behind The Day

The World feels like it's spinning faster while we're trying our best to keep up. Endless responsibilities, high expectations, too little time-we're all on the same boat. So, it's time we took a break to heal with an enriching solution that's helped Indians rejuvente for centuries TURMERIC
A superfood so talented, it deserves to be celebrated. Committed to spreading India’s native wellness wisdom, VAHDAM® India decided to honor this spice in a fresh new way. We gave this vibrant miracle-worker its own special day. A day when you can hit ‘pause’ on all the stress and move towards healing with Turmeric.

Get Ready For The Big Celebrations

We couldn't let the first Internation Turmeric Day go by without making it an epic day to remember. Check out all the ways we plan to bring a smile to your face with Turmeric.

The Turmeric Lounge

Walk into any of our relaxing pop-up zones located across London, New York City and New Delhi where you can unwind over a cup of Turmeric tea or latte. Head to your nearest lounge today. Plan a visit (click the links below to get directions)

New York

Times Square Expo
08th Oct


South Bank 08th Oct

New Delhi

Select Citywalk Mall 08th Oct & 09th Oct

Join The Turmeric Tribe

There are so many ways to make the most of today and our Turmeric Tribe is totally acing it. Come, be a part of the Tribe. Kick back and relax with a pampering Turmeric facial. Put your apron on and stir up a super-easy Turmeric recipe. Or if you haven’t caught up with your rant partner in ages, today’s the day! Catch up over Turmeric tea to let go of some steam.
Becoming a Turmeric Tribe member comes with a host of fun benefits like exclusive updates about the event and special discounts on our products. So, what are you waiting for? Register now!

Heal In Harmony

Tuning into relaxing music is one of the best ways you can heal. That's why we bring you an uplifiting song for you to tap your feet to. Listen between meetings, or first thing in the morning to feel better with every note.
“Time To Heal”
Hear the whole playlist on

Superpowers Of The Superfood

Scientifically proven to have various health benefits, Turmeric is an indispensable spice in the world of wellness.

Healing On A Platter

Simple Turmeric healing recipes Read Now
Turmeric Tales
Your healing journey begins with Turmeric in your daily cuppa. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what many of our customers had to say after they started their #HealWithTurmeric journey with VAHDAM® India.

I’d heard a lot about how Turmeric was a spice Indians swore by for almost everything. So I decided to give it a go through VAHDAM® India’s Turmeric brews. It doesn’t require sweeteners to taste delicious, these blends were like soothing balms. They not only eased the pain, but they also helped my mind feel lighter too. It’s absolutely the best decision I could have taken.”


I discovered the history of Turmeric and its long ties with Indian cuisine. How just a
pinch could add a dash of magic as well. We were thrilled to discover that the spice helped control his blood sugar like no other. So I introduced it through our favorite time together – evening tea time. When both of us sit down to chat over cups of VAHDAM® India’s Turmeric blends. Sometimes as iced tea, sometimes by adding it to other snacks, the VAHDAM® India Turmeric mixes let me play around to keep his taste buds satisfied. And still, head over heels in love with me.”


When inflammation started taking over, I knew I had to turn to another healer. The age-old one that’s been there for relief-hunting Indians. Turmeric. So every day, I sipped on VAHDAM® India’s Turmeric blends. I was delighted with how it tasted since I didn’t expect a healthy thing to be this delicious. A cuppa a day of this single-origin tea helped alleviate the pain within a week.