Wondering where Emily Cooper gets her daily sparkle to power through her adventurous life in Paris? What if we say it’s all in the teas? Surprised? Read on to know more!

The French love to drink black teas, herbal teas, and tisanes, which tea lovers will know are a unique blend of herbs, spices, flowers, and fruits that appeal to the French palate. But it’s not only the aroma or the pleasure in a sip that makes a tea truly stand out, but also the benefits of each individual ingredient. Curious?

Ingredients of our Limited Edition Tea Entourage Collection from VAHDAM® India X Emily In Paris


  • La Vie En Rose Tea 

Ingredients: A blend of rose, cranberry, pomegranate, and beetroot candy

Benefits: Builds healthy blood cells, flushes out liver toxins, makes diet & exercise effective, promotes energy production and healthy digestion.

Experience: A tea blend of all things rosy, and romantic enough to transport you straight to the city of love. Just like Emily Cooper.

Fun fact from the Chef, Gabriel: Beetroot candy is a popular ingredient in herbal teas because it cures anemia, lowers blood pressure boosts metabolism, increases the amount of oxygen delivered by red blood cells, and enhances stamina. 


  • Ingénue Violet Tea 


 Ingredients: A blend of blue pea, hibiscus, lavender, and blue cornflower


Benefits: Facilitates digestion, uplifts mood, aids weight loss, uplifts cardiac health, and improves skin and beauty.

Experience: A tea blend that brings calmness to your chaos. Truly the ultimate Parisian delight.

Fun fact from Mindy’s hometown: Since ancient times, South East Asians have utilized the bright blue petals of the butterfly pea plant both in cooking and as an ingredient in herbal tea brews. The blue flower is also used as a dye to add color to many traditional foods since it gives off its blue color when steeped in warm or hot water. 


  • Voila! Vanilla Tea


 Ingredients: A blend of natural vanilla, cocoa nibs, and candy with flowers & herbs


Benefits: Enhances mental, menstrual, and sexual health, increases immunity, assists weight loss, and strengthens the gut.


Experience: A tea blend and a timeless love affair with vanilla to give you a sweet and enchanting cuppa.

Fun fact from the ageless beauty, Sylvie: Natural vanilla is a botox for the skin and body because it has anti-aging properties.  


  • Le French Earl Grey Tea 


 Ingredients: A blend of premium Indian black tea with pure blue cornflower and bergamot flavor


Benefits: Improves heart and gut health, can aid in preventing obesity, boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation, increases positive mood, and treats fever and chest congestion.

Experience: A smooth and sophisticated tea blend.Experience French elegance in a cup.

Fun fact from the French ambassador, Luc: Bergamot—a tropical fruit from the  Mediterranean, used in Europe to flavor biscuits, custards, marmalades, syrups, and cocktails—is the source of the lively, citrusy flavor in Earl Grey tea.

All of this sounds so tempting, right? Don’t keep your taste buds waiting. Order your favorite limited-edition tea blend now. 

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