What’s the perfect partner for celebrating a creativity boost, love-life triumph or victory at work? It’s a cup of tea that matches every mood. If you love tea and spilling the tea, like Emily, here’s something you will love!

If your life is a roller coaster ride of fantasy and reality, just like Emily, here’s a curated selection of teas that will make you say, “It’s not just a drink; it’s a feeling”!


Read on to pick one of VAHDAM® India X Emily In Paris tea blends that best match these moods.



  • Mood: Poised

 Emily Picks: Voila Vanilla Tea

When it’s a ​​sweet tea-and-poetry kinda day, pick Voila Vanilla. When in Paris, do what Paris does best, be fancy and chic. Sip elegance with natural vanilla extracts, cocoa nibs, candies with flowers and herbs.



  • Mood: Devil-may-care

 Emily Picks: Ingenue Violet Tea

Want peace and tranquili-tea? Pick the Ingenue Violet tea. After a tough day at Savoir, melt into the truly the ultimate Parisian delight with wonderful violet hues from hibiscus, lavender, and blue cornflower.



  • Mood: Lovey-dovey

Emily Picks: La Vie En Rose Tea

Thinking of your soulmate? Pick the La Vie En Rose Tea to experience the rosiness of life—minus the complications—with a floral infusion of rose petals, cranberry, beetroot candy, and pomegranate kernels.



  • Mood: Rise and Slay

Emily Picks: Le French Earl Grey Tea

When wants to make an impression- Le French Earl Grey
Have an important meeting? Always start with some Earl Grey with a unique blend embellished with soothing blue cornflowers. Then, let’s do some brilliant things. 

Are you ready to take yourself on a trip to Emily’s Parisian Paradise ? 

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