If you love teas and happen to be in Paris, you’ve hit the jackpot! You’d best know France for its wine, coffee, and outdoor boutique cafes, but you’re in for a surprise.

Despite having no history of being a tea-drinking country like Great Britain, France is kinda the new-age tea capital of the world, known to experiment big time with new blends, new varieties, and new flavors. There are certain rules when it comes to having teas in France. 

  • Morning: Black Tea
  • Brunch: Oolong Tea post breakfast
  • Afternoon: Matcha Tea with light lunch
  • Evening: Earl Grey Tea with a slice of cake
  • Night: Chamomile or Peppermint Tea

While the French commonly drink black tea from tea bags, they also have a fondness for delicate, floral teas, tisanes, or herbal infusions. In fact, they prefer teas with a blend of fruit, flowers, herbs, and spices that are pleasing to the French palette and have several health benefits.

Let’s get you acquainted with some lesser-known facts about French tea etiquette!

  • Generally, floral and herbal teas are served. But pick a tea you’ll truly enjoy.
  • After the tea is brewed, pour it gently into your teacup while holding the top of the teapot with your free hand.
  • Make sure not to clink the spoon to the cup while mixing sugar, honey, or lemon in your tea.
  • Hold the cup by making a pinch with your thumb and index finger and bring the cup to your mouth to have a sip.
  • Use your hands to have finger sandwiches, forks for your cakes, and a dessert spoon for your mousses and creams. 


Here’s all that you need to know about drinking French teas the right way!

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