The season of celebration is upon us and it won’t be very uncommon to find ourselves over-indulging in the evening. With the right tea, and a lot of water, you will be able to keep the happy evenings, happy!

Ever paid in excess for a poorly-timed drink? A hangover is surely among the worst experiences to be subjected to. And yet, it is not always completely avoidable.

In case the party went on too long or the conversation turns far too interesting for you to keep a count on the drink, it always helps to have a ready remedy to ensure that the following day is not a total waste.

It goes without saying that fresh ingredients make for the healthiest cup. The 8–24 hours of the hangover can be made easier with loads of water and the right blend of any or all of the herbs below.


Ginger is the king of anti-nausea herbs and you will need a little ginger on their side after an evening of over indulgence. You can sip on ginger water all through the day if you are hitting work or simply start your day with a cup of pure ginger power and just the right natural caffeine to hold back the nausea and keep the mind clear for the day.

The right cup of tea can help you keep going through an important day with minimum discomfort of a hangover.


Vitamin C is one of the most effective tried and tested cures for a hangover. Adding a dash of lemon to a cup of hot water or your morning tea is known to actually enhance your mood and make you feel better through the day.

Our solution is far simpler, the perfect blend of lemon and ginger that will not just keep the hangover effects at bay but also help boost your immune system. You can enjoy a steaming cup to start your day with and then switch to several glasses of cold-brew to keep you hydrated and wash away the toxins through the day.


Isn’t it a complete nightmare to have to make an important presentation after a long night of drinking with friends? A dash of peppermint to your morning cuppa should help you regain focus and freshen up your perspective through the day.

A well-blended mint tea helps to rejuvenate the senses, relax the mind and charge the senses — which makes for the perfect natural remedy for hangover.


Nothing makes for a comeback quite like turmeric. The traditional Indian spice has always been used to treat several common ailments and aches and pains in Ayurvedic medicine.

One of the surprising benefits of turmeric tea is the effect it has on mental health as much as on the digestive system. Not only does the tea help in cleansing out excessive toxins in the blood stream, it also helps in soothing the nerves and healing the dehydrated organs.

Herbal blends

Winters can get a little dreary, more so when you do not feel quite well. Hangovers can lead to long-term depression and it is best to use a blend of flavors that you like the most to add a little bit of sunshine to the bluest of moods.

Our top picks include chamomile, rose, saffron and hibiscus among others. For those less adventurous, best to power through the day with several cups of pure green tea at your side.

As always, be responsible with your drink. Have a wonderful holiday! 

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