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It’s time to call over friends and family and serve some classy Christmas cocktails. So we’re here to help you fashion some traditional drinks, with a dash of tea. That makes all the difference in the world.

The best part? You get to try them before the guests arrive!

Tea Punch

This is a classic pairing of champagne, sugar and cream. The effervescent bubbles of the champagne help to lighten the cream and the sugar really ties it all together. Adding the tea adds the malty character as well as astringency.

“Make a pint and a half of very strong hot tea and pour it on one pound and a quarter of loaf sugar. Add half a pint of rich sweet cream, and stir in gradually a bottle of claret or of champagne. You may heat it to the boiling point, and serve it so, or you may send it round entirely cold, in glass cups,” says What’s Cooking America.

Good Old Fashioned

Just the right dose of Ryan Gosling and tea to spice this traditional drink up!

Prepare a cup of tea and set aside to cool. Place one cube of sugar in a glass and add 2 dashes of orange bitters on it. Mix. Fill up the glass with ice and add a wedge of orange and one of lemon. Add a large shot of whiskey to the cool tea and pour it over the ice. Add a cherry for more colour if you’d like.

The English Rose Cocktail

We came across an interesting cocktail idea that suits one of our new launches. With some help from Winter Cocktails, we went straight in for this!

We prepared a cup of our Rose tea and set it aside. In a tall glass, pour in 30 ml of vodka, a tablespoon of powdered sugar, a tea spoon of water and a third tablespoon of pink peppercorns. Add the cooled rose tea to the brew and stir!

Earl Grey Vodkatini

This is a serious steep and we would definitely recommend that you take in slow on these smooth potions.

Warm a small serve of vodka and steep tea leaves in it for a while. If the vodka is very hot, steep just for 2 minutes. You could also could steep the tea leaves in vodka overnight in the refrigerator. Add ice in a cocktail shaker, add the steeped vodka and then add some cointreau, shake and strain into a martini glass, garnish with orange or lemon twist.

Smoked Maple Bourbon Chai Tea Toddy

This hot cocktail recipe by Maureen Petrosky is truly a comfort drink! What’s more, this delicious celebration in a mug can be quite an indulgence so make sure you make a small batch and don’t keep them coming.

Brew a cup of tea and while it steeps, add 3 ounces of maple bourbon in a serving mug. As soon as the tea is done, add it to the bourbon. Now add an ounce of half-and-half and stir to combine. Garnish with a cinnamon stick. It’s Christmas in a mug!

Hot Buttered Rum Recipe

This warm, creamy cup of tea, or rum — whichever way you like — is the perfect one to soak in during the holidays.

Brew a cup of tea and set it aside to steep. Place a small slice of soft butter in an Irish coffee mug, add a teaspoon ​brown sugar, a dash of ground cinnamon, nutmeg and all spice. Finish with a splash of vanilla extract. Muddle it up. Take half a cup of the freshly brewed tea and add 2 ounces of rum. Mix and add pour it into the Irish mug. Garnish with a tall stick of cinnamon.

Always drink responsibly, whether you drive or not!

If you have a family tradition of tea-based cocktails for Christmas or if you’d like us to try a tea twist to your recipe, let us know. Leave us a comment if you can think of any other exceptional tea cocktails that we should know of.

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