Given its versatility, tea has been served with a blend of many flavors around the world. And there’s a little something new that you might want to look out for!

What would you say to a tea that has everything you love about your tea along with a delightful richness in aroma and wondrous flavors? Guess what makes it better? It tastes just as lovely served cold or hot. Once you have had a sampling, you can choose how you prefer to take it.

Finding the perfect blend is rather hard to get, and it is not easy to get that elusive balance of taste while retaining the natural goodness which will appeal across age as well as sensibilities. Thankfully, Indian spices have been savored across the world for quite some time.

So, how does one decide what to add to the cup?

“When you observe a tea master infusing tea, you will see the tea master is constantly monitoring the infusion progress with her senses. It’s as much a labor of love as it is expertise and a lifetime of experience,” says a tea infuser brand about the art of infusing flavors. And we agree.

Sarah Hurt, Tea Master and owner of Sage and Spice Botanicals, says, “Formulating is one of my favorite jobs; it makes me feel like a modern day herbal sorceress, mixing up magical formulations that others may need, enjoy, and appreciate. The tea and tisanes that I formulate are carefully created with purpose and good intention, so I would have to say that my favorite part of the tea formulating process is when a customer or a client enjoys the flavors and therapeutic benefits of my products as they were intended.”

And that makes flavored and blended teas of today, the best reference to magic potions. Magic!

But how do you which one’ any good?

The best thing about tea is its simplicity.

The use of only natural flavors with tea is the best combination to look out for. A little soul-searching can help you come across the best brew. For instance, if you love black tea then seek out a floral blend which will enhance the tea experience. In fact blended teas can be crafted to enhance to suit your health needs. A sensational green tea blend with become your go-to cup all day!

While the market is flooded with all sorts of bitter green tea variants, a naturally sweet green tea is definitely on top of my most endorsed cups of tea.

There are also blends that you can save for your special moments. There are teas that can make you feel like royalty and those that will envelop you with wholesome goodness and a serenade of a rich spice bazaar.

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One of the high points of flavored tea is that it gives you all the goodness of tea, with that significant extra! Unlike tea — which most lovers prefer a single variety of — you can have multiple choices when it comes to flavored teas. In fact, the more the merrier.

You can choose the ones that make your heart sing, or that sparkling celebration that makes so much more sense to healthy pursuits.

In my mind, the best flavored tea is the right blend of all fresh components. Any compromise on the quality of tea can ruin the complete concept. Whether you choose a green tea or a black tea, unless its a tisane, the natural components blend best with premium teas. In the case of a tisane, traditional blends that have been passed from generation to generation seem to find more acceptance globally. As they say, mum’s always right!

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To serve, I find organic honey as the best sweetener. However, honey lends its own taste to the tea. Only natural teas and blends taste well with this natural sweetener. Stevia leaves also have their own sweetness that can be use tastefully in a blend.

Have a fantastic flavor in mind? Let me know!

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