A sensational cup whose essence lies in timing everything just right and all fresh ingredients. Here’s our take on London Fog Tea!

What is a London Fog Tea?

What’s silky, mesmerising, delightfully fresh and served in a cup? Yes, it’s the London Fog Tea.

A combination of sweetened Earl Grey tea, steamed milk and a dash of vanilla. This heart-warming brew was created in Vancouver but all the attention around it has shifted to the Canada’s western coast, at Victoria.

It’s often been described as a marshmallow that you can drink.

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How to prepare a cup of London Fog Tea?

You will need:

  • Hot Water

  • Earl Grey Tea (2 gms)

  • Fresh Steamed Milk

  • Vanilla Extract (a few drops)

  • Lavender (a pinch)

The process:

  • Prepare a cup of hot Earl Grey Tea using the water and the loose tea. Make it as strong as you would like it to be. If you do not take milk in your tea you might want to make it stronger than you usually take your tea.

  • Add lavender after the tea has been prepared.

  • Select your mug to savour the London Fog tea and fill it two-third up with the tea you have brewed.

  • Add sweetener of your choice.

  • Add the vanilla drops.

  • Finally add the freshly steamed milk to cover the brew all the way to the top of the mug.

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The Little Extras For The Perfect Cup…

Despite the limited amount of ingredients required to make a cup of the London Fog Tea, results of each cup can vary according to your preference. Personally, I love a dash of lavender as well as a few drops of vanilla extract in my cup but you can choose to get creative and try natural extracts of your own preference. Naturally blended premium Earl Grey teas can help solve the issue and add their naturally blended flavours to the cup.

One of the meanest tricks that I picked from a Youtube channel, was to use a blender to froth the milk when it was still lukewarm. It is believed to generate the best results. I have also read of people using cinnamon powder or cloves while heating the milk to add a faint hint of the spice. Sounds absolutely delicious doesn’t it?

If you try the recipe then do let me know how it turned out for you!

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