There’s nothing better than browsing through some extraordinary tea posts on Instagram. We bring you our top 10 selection of images about tea that has added magic to every morning. If you love tea, watch out for the top picks every month!

1. Rainy days and tea makes this one adorable post!


2. When you know exactly how to make a splash


3. If you’ve got the china, you might as well flaunt it!


4. All of nature’s goodness, in one frame!


5. And this is how to make a celebri-tea statement!


6. Doesn’t tea make for a fine muse?


7. The world on a tray!


Here find the usual suspects on the tea table this afternoon at The Phoenix Tea Shop in Burien, WA. A Celadon Gawain from Crimson Lotus Tea, several tea pets from Phoenix's large collection, and teacups made of porcelain, silver, and double wall titanium. We are tasting the Da Hong Pao that will be a part of The Happy Tea Man's class at the Rainier Arts Center this Saturday, at 10:00 AM. The class is under the auspices of The Northwest Tea Festival and details and signup can be found on their Facebook page as well as on the The Happy Tea Man's Facebook Page. I hope to see you there. #thehappyteaman #phoenixteashop #crimsonlotustea #northwestteafestival #jianshui #porcelain #silver #silvercup #titanium #titaniumcup #gaiwan #excellent #teasalon #burienwa #celadon #dahongpao #clifftea #teapets

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8. Pour me some of that exquisite love, will you?


9. Absolute luxury!


10. Picture perfect tea!


It’s a wrap for this month and we hope to bring you more delightful pictures from around the world in our next month’s selection. And if you love tea, let us know! #tea

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