The month of November brings in renewed hope and support for writers to overcome their challenges as a group and live their dream of bringing their own titles to light. Here’s the tea!

The relation between tea and books is a celebrated one. A cup of tea at a cafe with a large window overlooking a busy road and a favorite dog-eared book in one hand, such has been the setting of several beloved stories. And November, the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is the perfect excuse to use a setting as perfect as this to pen your thoughts and get a book out.

By way of inspiration for all the budding literary greats out there, waiting for a sign to get the creative juices flowing, we’d suggest a cup of fresh warm tea. Yes, we have brought you an array of teas and are going to help you on according to your genre. If you’re not sure what you wish to write first (yes, we get that completely), try them all or mix it all and see where the pen goes!

Remember that there are no fixed rules when it comes to writing. Tea is the only truth. Go out and experiment with them all!

Assam Black Teas

When it comes to a suspense and the plot in your mind is full of deep dark secrets waiting to come alive on paper, then Assam Black Tea is the right leaf for you. The chocolatey malt flavor complements the right kind of kick (read caffeine) to get the words out on paper. Healthy and tasty, this leaf will see you through the layers of tardiness that cloud your genius.

Himalayan Green Tea

When it comes to writing about landscapes — lush natural ones or cemented jungles — and the life they hold within, there’s nothing quite like a cup of steaming green tea to provide clarity to every detail and nuance. The more detailed your descriptions, the more real it becomes in the eyes of your readers. And even when you think you overdid it, a nice cup of green tea will help soothe the nerves.

Oolong Tea

When the research is flying off the desk and all those facts and figures are breathing down your neck, it is time for a cup of Oolong tea. Whether it is a regular office presentation that you need to design in minutes or that impossibly boring note your boss needs you to prepare, Oolong is rich in anti-oxidants that helps the mind in channelling to the specifics of the task. Multiple cups of oolong tea goes a long way in retaining the much-needed balance to pen complicated details and figures.

White Tea

For those long nights of soul-searching to find the right words and to perfect the tone for those conversations you cherish, a cup of white tea is ideal for bringing out the best essence of life. For autobiographical pieces, personal narrations or even the incomplete love stories — white tea helps you tide over the waves of emotion and stay in balance.

Chai Tea

A warm and funny story to share? Tempt the soul with some classic Indian masala chai tea and spill the tea, so to speak, on the matter. Guilt-free indulgences and gossip come easy over a cup of chai tea.

Iced or steaming, as the situation demands.

Tea Blends

Sometimes it takes more than the usual straight cup to keep you going. These are the times to look up the best in the world, in the signature tea blend section. The Signature Tea Blends from select tea houses have the very best of the aroma and flavor in a single cup. Crafted from the best harvest and the season to get all of nature’s goodness in a single pack, each of these teas captures various moods and personalities. Find the one you seek!

Herbal Tisane

Writing is tough! Like all other forms of creative expression, it can take a serious toll on the mind — and leave you hanging by a thin thread all too often. If the deadline is closing up and there has been too much caffeine in your system, then this herbal tisane tea is the best way to go. Let the mind relax with the fruity, flowery blend instantly rejuvenate the senses and the mind.

It’s not bad as a celebratory iced drink after the book is done! Here’s wishing all you writers out there the very best in your pursuits. Let’s raise a hearty tea toast to the masters. Save the Champagne Of Teas for the occasion!

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