If these fine selections do not encourage you to call on a family get-together for tea and quality time, we are not sure what will…

We’re ringing in the holiday mood a little early. After all, it’s never too early — or late — to get the cheer on.

1. Greyest days brighten up with a fireplace and good tea!
2. Oh baby baby, it’s a wild world!
3. Isn’t this just the perfect setting?
4. Still warms the soul

#huttea #careyshut #barringtontops #fireplacetea

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5. Wherever life takes you, return to the hearth for tea

This is what I'm dreaming about right now. #PickupTruck #RoadTrip #LakeHouse #FireplaceTea #ChocolateCake

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6. Almost Christmas!
7. A time-tested ritual, fireplace tea!

Feeling inspired yet? Find the perfect partner — friend, spouse, grandparent, pet or book — to share a special cup of celebratory tea next to a fireplace.

Happy Holidays!

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