It’s been a series of fresh and steamy stories to it by the teacup through the year. Which ones did you like the most?

Thank you 2017!

It has not been an easy year for the tea fraternity in India. Although the year is closing with happy news and a bountiful harvest, the journey of Indian tea through the year has had quite the upheaval.

With Darjeeling completely shut down for more than 3 months and Assam facing nature’s wrath as floods disrupted trade, relief and joy arrived much later in the year for India’s tea people. Nevertheless, India tea growers emerged victorious yet again with a record harvest after the rains.

And yet, we’ve had the pleasure of bringing you our take on trends, news reports and other quirks related to tea.

We’d like to share the 5 best-loved stories of the year for you to enjoy once more and promise you with many more riveting articles in 2018!

Fact And Fiction

Our best-selling story had the best minds come together, for their love of tea! A look at the best investigative minds — fictitious ones — and their love for the leaf made for a successful read. You can revisit the article here and sample the most favored tea variants there.

The Man Who Grows Tea On Rocks

The story of Swaraj Banerjee, the Rajah of Makaibari, is undoubtedly an awe-inspiring one. Despite the troubles that the Chairman of one of the Darjeeling’s best-loved tea gardens has faced, he continues to win the hearts of tea lovers with his dedication to tea.

Tea Spirit

Now, this brings back the shivers down my spine. An almost encounter with one of the most well-known ghosts in Kurseong, near Darjeeling, made for a great read. The headless horseman adventure turned out be an invigorating experience, as much as the tea.

To all those who asked, yes, I am looking forward to my return!

Tea Etiquette

Wasn’t that a memorable one?! Yes, our story on the correct way to hold a teacup drew much attention from all of you. Thankfully, a good cup of Vahdam Teas later, we all agreed to politely disagree with each other and continue sipping our favourite brew.

The Tea People

Our reports from the tea gardens across India got the tea lover’s adoration. Like our pure teas, we brought the untold stories of the people who toil in the tea gardens to ensure that you get the best tasting cuppa, every day.

Thank you for all the love that you have shared for them. It inspired us to share more stories of the everyday heroes in our warehouse and we look forward to highlight the behind-the-scene legends from the world of finest Indian teas.

Here’s a toast to a fabulous and tea-filled 2018 and we hope to share many more stories to keep you enthralled!

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