…Let there be tea!

Happy New Year!

As Mariah Carey set the tone for 2018, you better have your hot tea — or ‘rough it like everybody else’. This is going to be an important year for tea and there is so much that we all have to look forward to…

The Argentine Harvest

Image courtesy: Facebook (Escuela Española del Té)

There’s always excitement around the very first time a country harvests tea. Like Spain’s first harvest last year, this year we will see the first tea crop from Argentina. These crops, while significantly different from tea grown in any other region, can also act as the playground to try new experiments on tea.

Beyond The Leaf

The future is here and it’s delicious! Flavored teas will be among our top choices through the year as we select the finest teas from the Indian subcontinent and blend them with pure & natural ingredients to enhance the health benefits or the flavors, or both! Be on the lookout for the best flavored tea combinations through the year and make sure to experiment.

Beautiful All Through

It wasn’t just us talking about tea all through the year. Tea has found great fan-following for skin and hair care routines. With the growing attention to the use of natural ingredients — the use of the benefits of tea has made it an active ingredients in many successful beauty products. From hair masks to prevent baldness, as a conditioner to make your hair sparkle to helping get a natural glow on your skin, the use of tea is no longer limited to the cup!

A Superior Cup

A tantalising range of teaware is set to change the way you take tea. And why not? We already have the changing mugs that have been great fun to have around. For the connoisseurs, it is time to make that serious commitment. With the world’s emphasis on a prized health beverage that is so good, it should definitely look as good! A cup of tea that will leave you mesmerised and in awe of its colour and aroma. Yes, all this and more in 2018.

Return To Comfort

As Forbes had correctly predicted last year, there is going to be a strong shift from trying ‘the new’ formulas to combat stress, to returning to the known comfort foods. Yes! The simple joy of holding a up of hot tea in your hands is turning out to be the better resolution for your health than a dozen charged up drinks or pills.

Better lives

At Vahdam Teas, we have always understood and highlighted the benefits of buying pure teas as an enabler to improve the chances of the tea-growing regions. Our #HumansOfTea campaign has been a connect for tea lovers to the people in the tea gardens. We are delighted that world over, people have started to question where and their favourite brews are grown.

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