For a drink that is so close to our hearts, there are way too many misconceptions associated with the brew. Are you sure you got these right?

The famous saying about Tea, the magical herb, which states ‘Tea is the elixir of life’ is true enough! And, you would definitely agree with me, thanks to the enormous perks and appealing aroma of this drink. Right?

Well, if I don’t give this due credit to tea then it would be certainly unjustified. Moreover, various potential scientific research highlight the abundant health benefits of drinking this refreshing drink like tea is great for your cardiovascular health, does a great detoxification of your body, reduces the risk of strokes and what not!

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But, just because there are a lot of significant facts about tea existing around you, that doesn’t mean you ought to believe whatever you hear about this drink. Yes! You shouldn’t definitely believe some of the absurd tea-myths!

Wondering what are those?

Well, then here’s a list of the 4 most common folklores about tea that you should stop trusting any more!

Myth #1: Herbal tea is same as the conventional teas

Fact: Herbal teas are actually tisanes. A drink or infusion originally made with barley or other herbs. They are not tea. Typical teas like black tea, oolong, green tea and white tea all come from Camellia Sinensis plant. At that point, lies the common factor. But, when it comes to herbal teas, the varieties are typically made from flowers or even bark of the plants.

For example, ginger tea is made from ginger, mint tea is made from mint leaves and so on. So, herbal teas are really herbal tisanes and nothing else!

Myth #2: Black Tea from any region, is the same.

Fact: Nothing could be further from the truth. All black tea is not the same. The produce from India’s Assam region is vastly different in taste, body and liqor as those of Darjeeling or Nilgiri. The flavour of every tea depends on several geographical factors like type of soil, elevation, amount of rain received among other factors.

While it is true that Indian teas have been replaced on several occasions by black teas of other countries of the world, the difference in taste is palpable.

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Myth #3: Green tea can let you lose those extra kilos

Fact: Yes, there lies a common notion about green tea and that is nothing but it helps people to lose the extra pounds. But, it holds no real meaning by itself! The compounds known as catechins present in green tea can definitely boost up your metabolism. But, a cup or two per day will not let you lose weight. For those results, you need to take at least 4–5 cups of natural green tea every day to see healthy results.

Coupled with green tea, a good diet and a steady exercise regime can really help you to get rid of the ugly bulges and stay in shape.

Myth #4: Peppermint tea is good for treating your sore tummy

Fact: There is no doubt that you might have been offered a cup of peppermint tea sometime when you had an upset stomach. But, genuinely, it is not the best thing that can help!

In contrast, peppermint tea can even enhance GERD (Gastrointestinal reflux disease) or recurrent heartburn in some people. Also, the following screenshot underpins the fact:


However, if you have an upset stomach then you can instead go for ginger tea which will certainly help you to get some relief. It’s because ginger is one such herb or vegetable (whatever you prefer to consider it!) that always topped the list in the home remedies for gas burns and stomach problems.

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Winding Up

With the advancement of science and technology in this 20th century, we’ve learned more and more about the hidden mysteries of tea. So, these myths should die out without any ado. Just accept the reality and keep on enjoying the mesmerizing fragrance and palatable taste of this fantastic drink - TEA!!

Also, if you want to share any tea time truths or did someone sometime tell you that tea dehydrates you or detox tea is better than regular tea (which are again some more myths)?

Then, you are most welcome to let us know in the comment section below.

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