Still putting your travel plans together for 2018, here’s some help. These tea personalities from around the world will inspire you to travel the extra mile and meet them!

Tea tourism has been quite the flavour of travel for the past few years and as always, we at Vahdam Teas are delighted to meet the people so passionate about tea that they would make it worth travelling, just to meet them.

True tea patrons are not hard to come by but these five people are among the unsung heroes who would be an absolute delight to share a cup of tea with. Needless to say, their are many many more favorites who continue to toil for their love of tea without any recognition. True devotion that is!

If you come across a dedicated tea lover whose story deserves to be shared, promise you’ll let us know.

The World’s Oldest Tea Boy

Name: Tom Parish, 88

Location: Nottingham Forest Football Club, England

Why You Should Visit: For the past 35 years, Tom Parish has been serving tea to the biggest names in soccer at the football club he has been working at. Not only is he still exceptional at making tea, he has non intention of leaving any time soon. He rubs shoulders with football coaches, stars as well as managers and is seen promptly producing a delectable cups of tea.

Suggested tea to share: Darjeeling Spring Black Tea

Ambulance Dada

Name: Karimul Haque, 49

Location: West Bengal, India

Why You Should Visit: Since his mother’s died for the lack of medical attention, Haque — who works at a tea garden — has started a free bike ambulance service in the remote regions around his village. Over the course of years, he has saved more than 5000 lives with his service. He was awarded the highest civilian honour by the President of India last year.

Suggested tea to share: Assam Tea

The Tea Man Of Los Angeles

Name: Giuseppe Spadafora

Location: United States of America

Why You Should Visit: If free tea is not tempting enough then surely the drive around to spot the van is going to keep the interest piqued. Since 2006, he has been travelling around the United States serving free tea to people. His service has helped him forge lasting memories and experience life differently. “I’d like to live in a more sharing world,” he told a visitor. “So I’m trying to create that by sharing.”

He is presently at Tuscon, Arizona with fellow tea friends and travellers Seven Wanders The World. Do catch up with them if you’re around!

Suggested tea to share: Green Tea

The Tea Firebrand

Name: Jackie Brookes

Location: Yorkshire, England

Why You Should Visit: All of 79, she stood her ground firmly at an anti-fracking protest until she was forcibly removed by police. Not only did she put up a fight, she was also one to speak up against the ‘bullying tactics’ used by the police. That’s one tea lady you must be wary of!

Suggested tea to share: Herbal Tea

The Most Photographed Tea Seller

Name: Arshad Khan

Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

Why You Should Visit: You will not find him at a tea stall anymore. Following an Instagram post by Jiah Ali, Arshad Khan blue eyes and sharp features turned him into an internet sensation. He has gone on to become a very successful model and has even done some films. You’ll find him on posters around the city!

Suggested tea to share: Masala Chai

Do you have names to add to the list? Let us know. We hope to keep adding more and more incredible tea stars to our lists for every one to know and love.

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