There’s more to a cup of tea than all that talk about emotion. Yes, there are people who have been providing for their families and living their dreams, thanks to your love for tea

Dharma, of Darjeeling, is often called Drama because she is so expressive

Life seems to be returning to normal in the hills of Darjeeling after more than 80 days of political unrest and all this while, we have have been keeping as close an eye on the developments as we could.

As you pause to consider the impact of the unrest on the lives of the tea pickers and other workers, we would like to present 10 incredible stories from the people who work in tea gardens in Darjeeling. For each of them, picking or processing tea is not just a job but part of a much larger picture.

1. Urmila Pradhan

2. Rupa Lepcha

Rupa Lepcha, 35, Dadaipani Being an unmarried woman is a tough business. Everyone thinks my life is easy. My family thinks I spend all my time making eyes at men. My friends think that I am lucky not to have a man to answer to at all times, I don't need to worry about children. Many others think I am too proud. Actually, I come to work every day to stay away from all these people. My mother fell very sick when I was 17 and I did not want to leave her side. She died a few years later and by then I was too old. Now I worry about my future, about my old father and my younger sisters. I worry about this 'easy' life I have. #realconversations #HumansofTea #Darjeeling #Vahdamteas #instatea #teagram #tealove #teacup #ilovetea #tea

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3. Shanti Gurung

Shanti Gurung, 56, Ghoom I have spent many years hidden away. When I contracted a pigmentation disorder in my early teens, my parents decided that I was the shame of the family and I should be kept away from everyone. No one cared how much I cried from inside the room I had been locked in for the first few days. Suddenly, I did not exist for them anymore. Since no one talked to me, I used to sit by the door and hear other people talk. I was married to sickly old man, as I did not have prospects. We did not have children. After he died, all I have is everything I heard and learnt from listening to others. I can choose to sit outside if I want now and I make a good tea. My neighbours come in every day and they pour their hearts out and I listen. Over time, people around here have accepted me and respect me. They come for my tea and for my advice. #HumansofTea #Darjeeling #Vahdamteas #tea #teacup #tealife #tealove #ilovetea #teagram #cuppa #igers #picoftheday #bestpic

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4. Kanchan

Kanchan, 34, Sidrabong I was born and raised in Nepal and I came to Darjeeling after my marriage. I still remember that afternoon two years ago, I was among the lucky few who had found work at a tea garden. Just before lunch, the ground started shaking and everything became a blur. I could hear the other women shouting in fear. I just sat down and I felt a very deep pain in my heart. It was the Nepal earthquake that killed thousands. It was felt quite strongly here as well. As for me, the pain in my heart didn't ebb. I lost my parents and an elder brother that day. I have chosen to stay strong because I know so many others who lost everything and everyone in that instant. #HumansofTea #Vahdamteas #Darjeeling #Nepal #instatea #teagram #tealove #ilovetea #teacup #teapot

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5. Sunita Bista

6. Sukhmaya

Sukhmaya, 64, Giddapahar Mine was the first love marriage in both sides of the family. My husband and I were young and very much in love and the only practical thing to do was to begin our journey together and so we did. Our families did not accept this union. All we had was each other. When my husband died after two years in a construction site accident, I had no one to turn to. Not only did neither family stand by me, several people in the neighbourhood accused me of witchcraft. I had to leave my village and move here. My new neighbours took care of me and became my only family. I found work here because of them. I have never had to go back to the people that abandoned me. #Vahdamteas #HumansofTea #life #tea #conversation #human #instapic #picoftheday #love #family

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7. Nayan Tamang

8. Suncha Kurumbang

9. Ripu Jogi

10. Pimmo

Every purchase of Vahdam Teas comes laced with the love and care of thousands of such tea workers who toil against weather and incline to ensure you get to savour the finest cup of tea.

We salute their spirit and hope that you will join us in celebrating the soul of Darjeeling, with a cup of pure Darjeeling tea at hand!

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